Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer's here at last!

Afternoon sunlight on my bed

This blog is coming dangerously close to simply documenting my procrastination (if such a thing is possible) rather than battling it... I had all sorts of plans for the weekend, mainly to do with getting organized (you have to start somewhere), but the gorgeous weather we have had for the past few days meant that I spent it soaking up the sun. And in the company of lovely people. So nothing to regret, really.
I also did a little bit of organizing. But frankly, some of it feels like wasting my time. I have this habit I cannot seem to break: Throughout the week I frantically scribble notes in my year planner, on bits of paper, receipts, tea bag wrappers, etc....Notes as in anything-I-feel-I-must-remember-and-worry-that-I-don't-if-I-don't-write-it-down-right-now.
It's exhausting. I admire people who go through life without the need for a planner, and who not only do not have to write anything down, but also calmly trust that they will remember xyz (on the rare occasion that I am not armed with a notepad and need to store something in my head, I cannot relax until I have finally written it down and keep going over it).
Then, on the weekend, say, I feel the need to declutter and, faced with all those notes, cannot bear the chaos they represent. So I start transferring them into various notebooks, sorted by category. The question is, if I absolutely have to write everything down, why don't I write it down in said notebooks in the first place? Well, for one thing, 'cause I don't carry ten notebooks around with me all the time..But, you know, I should at least get some sort of system going.

I wish I could say this was simply me being creative. That may be true to a small extent, but really it just mirrors my confused and anxious mind.
On the other hand, I am extremely (in an OCD kind of way) tidy and clean. I need order around me, precisely because there is so much chaos in my mind.
Oh, and I actually have a very good memory. I almost always remember people's names and their stories. In fact, people are often surprised that I remember each and every detail. And I am surprised in turn that people often don't remember me!


  1. I love all the color in your sheets...both invigorating and yet inviting for a nice sleep!

    I do MUCH better with lists but I vacillate with using them and then not using them, so you are inspiring me to use them more often and more will get done.

    Marina, I think I need you around my home as I do love tidy and orderly and I finish one project then another calls to me and sometimes tidy falls by the wayside.

    Does this make ANY sense? I have a small planner in my purse and yet when I go to meetings I often am so caught up in what is being said that I fail to write down the dates or info!!!



  2. Thanks, Marcy! Yes, I do love my bed. Before moving to this house I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a year - I thought it was a good idea at the time. Now I know there is a difference -the first night's sleep in my new bed was a revelation. And since then I have bought good quality duvets and pillows and nice bedclothes. After all, we spend a third of our life in bed...
    I know what you mean about not writing stuff down at meetings. That happened to me quite a bit when I was in college - in an interesting lecture, for instance.
    Marina x