Friday, September 18, 2009

Crochet dress

This is what I did all summer... No, it didn't take that long to make. And you can crochet while having a chat, listening to music, watching a movie (anything you don't need your hands for, really). I found the pattern in a magazine, but ended up altering it slightly, deciding not to add frilly details on the hem and the straps. I think this way it is less fussy. It looks very unshapely in the photo, although it does have a waist, but the way it falls is rather 1920s, I suppose.
The yarn is an organic cotton/soy mix and feels very nice.
I have a penchant for crochet. And I am so used to people asking me whether I am wearing a curtain (at school I was bullied for how I dressed) that I have become immune to it...
Have a lovely weekend,
Marina x


  1. MArina to say what they want, is they do not like the way you dress that did not look. But this happens because you´re a beatiful woman and envy disguised in many ways. As for the donkeys better stay away from them (Just Kidding)
    Do not forget what you said a Spanish : You´re beatiful woman inside and out and who does not see is blind ...
    jajajajjajaajaaaa Kisses the sky blue for this country so beatiful, but more kisses for you .Princess.

  2. I agree with Fete. Ignore the unkindnesses of others. Be and dress how you want to. Express yourself and dare to different

  3. Your dress is lovely and I do love to knit and crochet but have never made a dress.

    It saddens me that anyone hurts anyone else's feelings, so I wish I could have been there to pat you on the back and to even gently reprimand those others. And I say who cares if it looks like a curtain if indeed that is a beautiful a matter of fact, how about if curtains are REALLY dresses in disguise???

    blessings and hugs,


  4. FETE: Thank you so much! Eres un cielo!

    April: Thanks for your kind comment. You're right - it's best to ignore them and just do your own thing!

    Marcy: Thank you for your kind words; they mean so much to me. And the last bit put a big smile on my face! You're so right!:)

    Marina x

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  6. 1)Marina! Not only you're a great painter, but also a great crocheter...crochetist...crochetaire? Does it make you the ideal Renaissance artist woman? (textile arts are also arts!) Well, at least you look... cozy, conforting...while you crocht. I've got a thing for girls who crotch but most can't crotch beyond a scarf or a pair of socks.

    1.5) I mean, I can't do half of the things you can do.

    2)Too revealing for the twenties!

    3)Do they make yarn out of soy? Well, that's another use for soy I didn't know.

    4) Bullies are just buying first-class tickets for hell.

    5)I still don't know why people keep making that kind of offensive comments about one's appearance. I also agree that people have some fixation with curtains and clothes. Do people have ugly curtains at their homes?

    6)I love the way you dress.

    PS: Remember me to marry you if I don't find a girl who crotches better.