Monday, September 21, 2009

My neighbourhood!

I love the ever-changing colours in this part of the world. My house overlooks the bay, and I have seen the latter in so many different lights -all the nuances of blue, purple, violet, grey, pink...It is truly spectacular, and I never tire of looking at it. Unfortunately, in my moments of staring in amazement I rarely think of taking photographs... But here's a glimpse of what I am surrounded by:

early morning sky

stone walls


strolling down to the sea

These pictures were taken in February of this year. Right now, there is a storm raging, and I can see my flower pots flying past the window. A world in grey. But I love that, too.

Marina x


  1. Donkeys! Cows! Get away from there immediately, run run salt!! This Marina and its fixation by donkeys, you break my nerves!!Just kidding!
    I love your photos from Spain and see all that range of colors so beautiful they make me think that is a pending my trip to Ireland.
    A million kisses for the blue sky, guapisima!!

  2. Fete -thank you! Yes, you should come to Ireland! Besos y abrazos

    April - it does, doesn't it? I was in Clare a few weeks ago -so beautiful.

  3. Spectacular views!
    I like those cows. They look fluffy.
    Poor flying pots...