Saturday, July 30, 2011


I wanted to take lots of pictures when I visited my other sister, but I didn't. I don't go running with my camera, so there are no photos of the beautiful flora in the fields and woods. One plant had a gorgeous scent that filled the air; I vaguely recognised it, but I still don't know what it is, and I sniffed every flower I could reach, to no avail. This isn't a photo blog, of course, but my brain is fried and I can't put sentences together, and that's when I prefer to post lots of photos.

This week I spent two days painting a room in my mom's house and made a few crochet cuffs. I have been running a lot, am reading a great book, and now we are preparing for my sister and her husband's Polterabend (smashing crockery, traditionally on the eve of the wedding, but in this case a week beforehand). I say her husband because they are legally married already; this is going to be the church wedding.

 At my younger sister's place -sewing machine, book, slippers made by my older sister

 Old cabinet painted by my younger sister, mirror frame made by her, cards from the 1970s (?)

At my mom's house -freshly painted walls, old chest, stuffed toy my older sister made about 20 years ago, German magazines

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  1. Hello Marina!
    I juts got back from holiday in Croatia and Bosnia...juts saw your comment too! Thank you, that would be amazing to meet one day!Very random though, but I do think we would get on! :) I've never met anyone through blogger! :) Do you go to London often? I haven't actually started writing anything yet...I guess I need the courage to start! I should try though. Have you heard of the children's book, The colour of home? I would like to do something similar to that (about a boy who comes from Somalia to live in England) but a Bosnia theme! Anyway, we will keep in touch! hugs, Ines xxxx