Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Working from home

I am at home, my car needs petrol, and I am trying to figure out what kind of meals I can make without having to go shopping (and no, I still don't regret the purchase of the silk pillowcases -they actually weren't that expensive, although I noticed that a shop in this town sells them for 80 euro a piece).
This is my first day off/working from home, and so far it's going well. Someone said working from home is easier when you go for a walk or a run first thing in the morning, a sort of "commute". I did that today, and it really makes a difference. The other thing is to dress properly (although one famous writer insisted that he worked best if he stayed in his pyjamas, as he was then still in nighttime creative dreamland or something). Did that, too. And of course ignore distractions (obviously I failed here - hello, blog! But it's my lunchbreak!). This morning was in fact very busy, with various phone calls and e-mails. I also painted and will hopefully do some more later.
Other good things:
-My cravings for green foods continue, and I am glad they do -so much better than sugar cravings. Last week we had wild garlic everything, courtesy of the garden at Matt's place, old woodland:

-These amazing slippers my sister made for me (my sisters are extremely talented):

-using oils for everything. I've been using jojoba oil, sometimes with an essential oil like lemon or lavender or geranium, as a moisturiser, coconut oil on my hair, and essential oil of jasmine as perfume.
-met my friend and her dog on Sunday morning at 8am for a run/walk, which was perfect. We're hoping to make this a regular thing.
- I have been doing meditation every day for 15 mins, and while my mind is still thinking of tons of things, I do feel it's getting better, and the 15 mins go by quickly.

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