Friday, July 15, 2011

From island to island

I didn't go on my own or for a whole week, as planned, but our one-night holiday on this island was perfect. Our room was only a few metres from the sea (see first picture). I went for a lovely Sunday-morning run, startling chickens and rabbits and cows, and an even better naked swim in turquoise water. I had intended to sketch a bit, but instead we took pictures, and my main creative endeavour was devising the plot for a melodramatic film on island life, inspired by the people we met (one of whom looked like a man from my past, and we kept using the name of the latter when referring to him). I couldn't help myself; my mind kept inventing dialogue and assigning everybody a role. I quickly got over the fact that I had forgotten to buy The Guardian before we got on the ferry - and I do not like missing the weekend papers! Now I have renewed dreams of living on a small island...

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