Sunday, July 3, 2011

New illustration-sketches

Two more pictures for our children's show (today is the last one for the festival).
If we ever decide to (self-)publish a book of the poems and pictures, I will polish all the pictures and redo a few that I have given away and create new ones, so that each stanza has a picture to go with it. And I will take better photographs. But for the screen (where each picture is up for only a few seconds to accompany Rab's reading), these will have to do.

Claddagh man (yes, this one has pink paint from a previous picture on it, and a bit of the anchor should show behind the sleeve on the right - it's a work-in-progress!)



  1. Hello again! Just been admiring your illustrations, they are beautiful! I was thinking I would like to create a children's book at some point with my story (coming from Bosnia as a refugee) and I am looking for an illustrator! But I do realise you are far from London and I have not started writing my book either...just a dream for me at the moment! Anyway, if you ever come to London please let me know, would be amazing to meet you! :) Ines xxxx

  2. Hi Ines, thank you so much! I only saw your comment now, sorry. I am sure your story would make a great book; please let me know when you start writing it. And we'll try and meet up when I'm in London next (or if you come to Galway) xox