Friday, April 8, 2011

Inside Out

Today was supposed to be dedicated to working on the looming-deadline commission. I got up early, went for my commute-simulating run, put a blend of essential oils of ylang-ylang, lavender and cinnamon in the oil burner (supposed to "stimulate mental acuity and increase inspiration" -smells great, too) and then... I did my laundry. I cleaned hidden corners of my house. I cut out articles from magazines and filed them. I made an elaborate lunch. After a few hours I was finally ready and willing to do the preparatory work and stretched and primed canvases in the sun. Then I got distracted again, by an idea:

This is an Ian Mosh (me neither) jacket I got in the sale two years ago, meaning I did not pay the full 280 euros for it. I would be slightly annoyed if I had, because the outside has gone all bobbly. I bought it primarily for the gorgeous lining (I'm a sucker for nice lining).

 On closer inspection the lining is a bit bobbly, too...

So today I decided to make the few alterations that would make it possible to reverse it. Since the seams are all neat, all I had to do was take out the care instructions label and add buttons on the inside. Then I didn't fancy having to sew on buttons. So I just belted it and realised I was able to use the top button by opening the lapel a bit more.

The time I saved by not sewing on buttons was then used to actually do some work. I surprise myself with my newfound discipline.

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