Saturday, April 23, 2011

The best start to the day

 This morning I woke to blue skies and decided to head down to the beach (after being upside down for a while). It was the perfect swim. I haven't been checking the tide forecast lately, so I just took a chance... and it was exactly right. I like going early in the morning when not many people are around and everything feels fresh. My car thermometer said it was 12 degrees outside, but it didn't feel cold at all. There is always a moment when I hesitate before going into the water, but the trick is to stop thinking and just run in (with lots of splashing).

after the swim

You do get very cold afterwards, though. Not the first five minutes, but once I have changed into dry clothes, I start shivering. I should probably go for a fast walk then (instead I went to to buy the paper and talked incoherently to the people in the shop -being cold does that to me). 
Swimming in the sea is the best boost I can think of. While I'm in the water, I forget about everything; it makes me feel strong, cleansed and energetic. It's almost impossible to have a bad day after that. 

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  1. ^-^

    The secret is to dive into the water as soon as you can...

    Marina acuática!!!