Monday, April 25, 2011

My new "shower"

My electric shower isn't working (no hot water), so I have been improvising showers in the bathtub (which doesn't have a shower). Perfect timing, because just two weeks ago I was given this beautiful enamel jug:

It has become my shower, and I love my new ritual. There is something infinitely satisfying about rinsing your hair with water from an enamel jug. I also think it saves water, as you are more consious of how often you fill the jug.

And it is very zen-like. I am trying to be more mindful with everything I do, down to simple tasks and routines. Instead of thinking about all kinds of things while I rinse my hair/do the dishes/ iron my clothes/... I focus on what I am doing.

Then there is the nostalgia of using enamel anything. I like to pretend I am not actually in the year 2011, but some time in the past (ok, I do use hot running water with my new system). I decant most of my dry-food purchases into kilner jars as soon as I come in the door from the grocery shop (can't stand plastic packaging - I wish the shops here introduced bulk-buying, where you bring your own container); I prefer using muslin cloths to face cloths (they are great for cleansing your face); and I try to wear mostly natural fibres. I don't have a kitchen machine, so I do everything by hand, including whisking egg whites, and until recently I cracked peppercorns with a pestle and mortar (now I have a grinder). I love the simplicity of it all, and I think time-saving devices are overrated. The few more minutes you spend by doing things the old-fashioned way won't mean your precious time is being wasted. Ultimately it makes you more absorbed in what you are doing, and that is grounding.


  1. Será por el apuro con que vivimos que cuando no electricidad nos duchamos con agua fría , ni modo, hay que salir rápido a trabajar. de todas formas me alegras que disfrutes tu baño; ahora que lo pienso me gustaría volver a antaño, me imagino siendo tu esclavo rociándo tu cuerpo de agua en el baño (y también jabonándote; ¡¡soy un experto jabonador!!)Un abrazo

  2. Jaja, me gustaría tener un esclavo! Un abrazo

  3. I think that’s a fantastic idea Marina! An enamel jug is a perfect accessory if you want to bring some good old-fashioned rituals in the shower. It can be used to rinse the hair or accommodate other handheld shower things. I know it’s rare to find an enamel jug these days so you’re lucky you were given one for free.