Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sun-drenched day

On Wednesdays I have a few hours after my lunchtime class before teaching again in the evening, and I like to leave the campus with one of my favourite people and do something nice. Today I had to pick up some pictures at the framers' and then we I had a late big huge lunch at 4pm (my companion ordered three beverages, all at the same time, Helena Bonham Carter-style) around the corner, somewhere the two of us hadn't been before. It was like being on holidays, even though today was the first day back at work after the 6-day weekend. I am serious about my do-things-differently resolution; it has made such a difference to my energy levels and contentedness.

It feels good to get things done. I am Miss Procrastination and thrive under pressure -while driving people around me mad and risking my sanity. The few times that I finished something way before the deadline have made me really want to change. No rushing, all calm and slow and so much better for my fraught nervous system. Now is such a time, but the next three thingies are already queuing up. I remind myself that this is what I always wanted, to work from home, being creative, and now I am doing that regularly. Now that I don't go to bed at 7pm anymore (it's true, D!), the evenings stretch out before me, full of possibilities. But right now I am giving myself a bit of a breather before jumping in again, just a few days. This evening I got home to my lovely quiet house, opened the windows, organised my wardrobe and drank wine. No chatter in my head for a change, no obsessing, no regretting, no paranoia, no to-do lists swirling around my brain - though admittedly, that could be due to the wine...

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