Saturday, March 17, 2012

House tour #2 - bedroom

March so far has been the month of 12 degrees celsius. Occasionally it goes up to 14 or down to seven, but most days my car thermometer tells me it's 12 degrees outside. I love all four seasons, but I am ready for warmer weather. So I put my winter coats away and wore a lighter jacket yesterday, only to regret it when walking through the ice-cold wind and rain. I still need an extra blanket in bed, but I have removed the winter sheet and like the lighter feel of the duvet without it. This weekend is a long weekend (although I usually have Monday off, anyway), and I will have a two-week break from teaching, so I am looking forward to more evenings at home.

My bedroom is an ongoing project - I change things around quite frequently, but this rarely involves spending money or acquiring new things, apart from books. If I owned the house, I would do something about the wardrobe situation (renting in Ireland often means working around the furniture that comes with the accommodation), but I just hang scarves and dresses over the doors, so not much of it is visible.

The pink walls can be calm and cool or warm and glowing, depending on the light, and while part of me would like to paint the room grey (I find grey walls soothing and great as a backdrop for colourful things), I still enjoy the pinkness of it. My number one rule for the bedroom is that there mustn't be anything under the bed (if I felt the need for under-bed storage that would mean I owned too many things), and I sweep the floor almost every day. Sleeping has become so much more enjoyable in the last few years after I upgraded from mattress on the floor with polyester-blend duvet covers to high thread count sheets, silk pillowcases and a goose down duvet. We spend so much time in bed, so it is worth investing in the things that make it. I love white for bed linen (it's all about peace and calm), but I want to make two floral or otherwise patterned pillowcases.

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