Saturday, March 24, 2012


 Sunset at Dogs Bay, Connemara

A dose of Fruehjahrsmuedigkeit (spring fever/tiredness) kept me from doing much this week, but now that the weekend is here I am craving a long run and day trips and even work. Maybe I am simply emerging from the last stage of hibernation.

I have taken advantage of the longer evenings to work in colour (in the winter I usually only do black-and-white drawings at night), mostly with water-soluble colour pencils, which I use for a lot of illustration work. They can be quite messy and unpredictable, and often a lot of patience and layering is required.

Yesterday we were in Dublin for a roundtable on the future of museums (I was tired and dazed, but made notes and will read up on the topic. One speaker in particular made lots of interesting points about moral creativity, cultural rights and the museum as an agent for cultural change, and I want to read On Identity by Amin Maalouf, from which he quoted). Afterwards, we spent some time smelling flowers and tree blossoms in Merrion Square, which helped to wake me up, and now I feel more energised. I also want to paint flowers and trees.


  1. Beatiful creation Marina! You're very talented. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. What a beautiful painting Marina! I too feel like waking up from a long hibernation these days. The weather down here is so beautiful and warm, it makes me more productive and creative.
    I looked up "on identity" on amazon, it sounds really good. I put it on my to-read list. Thank you so much for your excellent suggestions.

  3. Thank you, Angeliki! The warmer weather really helps. And you are more than welcome - and thank YOU for your suggestions on your blog; I can't wait to read some of the books you reviewed. x