Monday, March 5, 2012

Flowers, horses, beaches

It is still freezing cold -I had to scrape ice off the windscreen yesterday-, but there is heat in the sun, and it was a weekend of mostly blue skies, beautiful weather that continued today. I went for a 7km run this morning and managed to run up the hill at the end, where I usually give up and walk. That small success, instead of setting the tone for a productive day, seems to have given me permission to procrastinate the rest of the day. I just spent two hours going through newspapers that had piled up - I always worry I might miss something, and it did yield some inspiring articles and reviews (for example this one I mentioned on my other blog).

The weekend was filled with light and love and flowers and cake and fresh air and children and horses and beaches, all picture-book perfection (apart from my unwashed hair - not included here...).

Wild garlic flowers in champagne flute and a beautiful foodie book

new work by this talented girl

 Little hooded people feeding the horses

 Finding new-to-me, empty beaches (it was too cold for swimming, unfortunately)

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