Monday, September 28, 2009

Work in progress

This is the first sketch for a little series I am planning. I only have a few vague ideas at the moment and am just going to see what happens. Often this approach works out much better than too much thinking and theorizing.
The picture above was inspired by a recent trip to the market -my little friend ended up crawling into a box, and I took a few photos, which now form the basis for these drawings.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent mine relaxing at home, as I was extremely tired - only left the house to get the papers and to go for walks...
Marina x

P.S.: I joined flickr and have put up some of my work there -check the sidebar!


  1. Jajajaaaaa!!!! tu blog es mas español que Irlandes!!!!
    Marinaaaa bellisima que tal?

    Veo tus seguidores, debes volver a España pronto, aqui se te quiere mucho!!!!!
    Miles de besos hasta ese bello pais para una niña preciosaaaaaa!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful paintings, was right, never forget to express this so beautifully, so close, so cheerful and fresh. If you're a genius!

  3. Fete ???? ARENA??? Jjajajaaaaa
    Buenos dias bella Marina !!!

    Espero que bellos angeles te hayan acompañado tu sueño ... Veo que las nmusas de las artes te acompañan en tu pintura.

  4. Fete y Narciso -MUCHAS GRACIAS! Sí, debería cambiar el idioma de este blog al espanol...o mudarme allí...porque sabéis, estos últimos días con vosotros y otras cosas espanoles (eh, que no sois "cosas"!) me he puesto muy nostálgica por vuestro país. El poema de la penúltima entrada es para vosotros!

    Fete: thank you so much; you're too kind!

    Narciso: Sí, muchos ángeles aquí. Y demasiado sueno!

    Besos a los dos.

  5. Y yo???? Poema para FEte y Narciso
    Hay mas españoles en España!!!!!

    Ami dedicame otro !!!!!!

    Guapa, guapa, guapa !!!!!

  6. Un respeto a Marinaaaaa!!!!!
    Si no ordenare que os eche de este blog !!!
    Puede dedicar lo que quiera a quien quiera.

    Besos Marina

    (Si te molesta Khanicas o Milu no tienes mas que decirlo)

  7. THis not a very frequent theme in your art. I love the composition too: it's bold and original.

    A ver si puedo ir leyendo todos tus artículos.


  8. Khánicas - qué significa Khánicas? Vale, te voy a dedicar otro... ;-)

    Fete -jaja, vale, lo haré. Pero no me molestan.

    Dan -thank you. I know. I realized I mainly draw and paint women, so now I'm branching out... I have started doing children's book illustrations, and I love it.