Thursday, September 17, 2009

Exhibition opening

It was our exhibition opening last night (it's a two-person show; I feel honoured to be exhibiting alongside a seriously gifted and lovely woman, whose work and general wonderfulness I would like to direct you to, but I want to obtain her permission first, and I can only do that once I tell the people in my life about this blog...which I still feel a bit uneasy about).
I feel immensely grateful that I was given the opportunity to have this exhibition and that so many people came to the opening, and for the beautiful speech and people's lovely comments.
There have been countless times in the past few years when I wanted to give up and felt I couldn't do it (because I wasn't doing it, basically). I have also struggled with low self-esteem and anxiety, and a lot of the time I just wanted to hide somewhere. So last night was a big thing for me. I didn't drink -in the past I would often need alcohol to get through a social event, which means that I only have a vague and blurry recollection of two of my exhibitions and always cringe when I think back (as I do now).
Anyway. I was quite nervous, and when I get nervous I start babbling and get giddy, so I probably appeared drunk...
I cannot get over the fact that people actually wanted to buy my work (I really cannot believe it; to one of them I said, "Are you sure??!" -not very professional, I know..). This means so much to me.
It is my intention to focus on the good things in my life instead of worrying, stressing and complaining, and I realise there are so many things to be grateful for right now :).

P.S.: I'm the girl with the green coat and purple tights in the photo.


  1. Escuchame guapisima!!!
    cuando vuelvas a España aqui tienes mi casa para lo que necesites ... Irlanda es un pais que tengo aún que visitar .. mis hermanas ya han estado y dicen que es maravilloso y bellisimo ... prometo ir, mientras tanto si vienes aqui estamos esperandote!!!!!
    Besos por el cielo, millones de ellos..

  2. Ah, gracias! Me hace mucha ilusión! Te contesté en tu blog. x
    P.S.: Tus hermanas tienen razón -Irlanda es maravillosa. Ven a visitar!

  3. 1. Bueno, parece que poco a poco voy logrando leer todo tu blog. Esta parte, por ejemplo, no la había leído.

    2. I am very, very, proud of you.

    3.It's a great achievement to be able to regain your self-assuredness. Your are marvelous for uncountable reasons but lack of self-steem is one of your great weaknesses, or perhaps your biggest one.

    4. Well, well, well... It's also a good new to see that you don't need to rely on intoxicating substances to face this kind of events. You've had some very funny (but very sad if you think about)withy alcohol at exhibitions.

    5. No, you're not a good saleswoman at all, LOL, LOL, LOL and even more LOL. I love you for this kind of things (among others)

    6. You are growing emotionally. You still walk on an emotional wire but you've been learning to look ahead, not to the void below you.

    7. Please, can you stop that mob that is trying to lynch me?

    PD: He escrito más comentarios en lo que tienes en Flickr. ¿Los has visto? Qué opinas?