Friday, September 11, 2009

About Me & Myself

I realise I didn't introduce myself properly. Hmm...this is a difficult one... I'm not sure how much I want to reveal about myself here...But to start, here are a few things:
1. I live in Ireland, but am originally from Germany. I moved here in 2002 and feel very much at home where I am, but I do miss my family and always find saying goodbye incredibly difficult.
2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sea and consider myself very lucky indeed to be living so close to it.
3. Speaking of which, I live on my own in a tiny (chalet-type) house. I moved in about a year ago, after sharing with people during my student years, and I thoroughly enjoy the peace and quiet and am never really lonely (well, only on really bad days. Like after saying goodbye to my family...).
4. I don't have a TV and don't miss it.

Ok, enough. I know blogging is self-indulgent by nature, but I am beginning to feel uncomfortable with the amount of "I"s I am typing...
So bye for now.

The picture is the view from my house. Yay!


  1. How intriguing...from Germany, adopting Ireland, on your own and yet you seem to have perfect command of the English language.

    Your blog looks very nice...I found you by looking for people with Spanish as an interest.

    blessings on you,


  2. Thank you so much, Marcy! I sent you an e-mail (hope you don't mind -I'm new to all this...).

  3. 2. Es natural llamándote Marina.
    3. ¿Así que tienes "a house of your own"?
    4. Who wants a TV when you've got internet?

  4. Una cosa más.

    El problema del "I" no es tuyo. Es del inglés. Y del alemán. Y del francés.

    ¿Porqué en esos idiomas no se puede omitir el pronombre?