Saturday, September 12, 2009


As I have said here before, one motivation behind this blog is for me to become more disciplined: to sit down every day or so and post something (instead of dossing around and daydreaming and going to bed way too early, which are three ways I tend to spend my evenings), but also, and more specifically, with regard to my art practice. So the idea was to draw/paint/create every day (or so...) and document it here. I expect it might help me do more if I give myself some sort of deadline, as in "I need to have something to show here"...

Well, it hasn't happened yet. But it's early days. So instead I shall post some older stuff, which I am hoping to put into a blog gallery soon, once I know how to do it. The above (like the painting I put up here a few days ago) is currently being exhibited in real life -my first exhibition in a long time. I know the photo is terrible, as I stupidly forgot to take pictures of the work BEFORE getting it framed...


  1. There are many artists and people interested in art in blogland, Marina, so you should end up with many more followers than me (if you noticed your side bar, I have officially signed in as your follower.

    Can you quench the curiousity of this redhead by letting me know how you came to be in Ireland as an adopted home and why your English is so perfect??

    blessings on you,


  2. P.S. May I also welcome you to blogland, Marina??!! It is full of wonderful people and I pray that it will inspire and uplift you...I am still relatively 'new' myself insofar as I only started in February of this year.

  3. Thank you, Marcy, for your lovely comments, your warm welcome and for signing up as a follower (I will sign up on yours!).
    To answer your question, Ireland is where my parents took my sisters and me on holidays a few times when we were in our teens, and we all loved it. In fact, we had asked them to choose Ireland, as we had been reading Irish literature and listening to Irish music and were fascinated by this country. So I pretty much decided I wanted to live here at the age of 13... I love the dramatic landscapes, the sea, the fact that it's an island, the colourful houses, the people here... I could go on.. (maybe I should write a post about it).
    My English...I wouldn't call it perfect, but thank you! I learned it at school, and my dad was an English teacher, and then of course I've been living here and speaking the language for seven years now (Irish is still spoken here, and it's the official language, but for the majority of people English is their first language).
    I see you speak five languages! I'd love to hear more about that!
    Marina x