Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the little things

Here's what happens to my tiny spare room on a sunny afternoon or evening:

It makes me ridiculously happy.


  1. That wall is missing a Spanish touch a personal touch of a beautiful woman like you, who has traveled, it lacks a yellow red a wave of the Mediterranean, omelette, sherry, a little party and palm. A little hip movement, salt, pepper, garlic, any horse, but what he lacks is beauty because for cos ya estas tu ... The most beautiful woman in Spain???
    Besos desde España!!!!!
    kisses from Spain!!!!1

  2. I love light dancing on a wall or any surface too. Sometimes I have been somewhere and gotten distracted by my watch reflecting light like that and just happily enjoying it!

    blessings always,


  3. Hola Marina !!!!
    Me gusta mucho tu post y tu blog encantado me voy a España volvere a venir a leer si tu me dejas.
    Mil besos para ti y para Irlanda


    I need to know what on Earth you do to stick the cards onto the wall (and avoid leaving stains). I tried the blue stuff but the cards eventually fell.

    Fete, creo que la España que conoció Marina (excepto viajes puntuales. Ah, bueno, y la tortilla) no era esa de la que hablas :-).