Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend rituals

 In Kinvara

Even though I aim to not live my life in terms of workdays/weekend blocks and try to enjoy Monday as much as Saturday (at least Monday evening), I quite like to get certain things done at the weekend so the week ahead is as easy as possible. That includes:

Around the house:
- tidying and cleaning, obviously
- getting laundry done (very important for exercise - running out of clean towels or running gear would be a nuisance)
- watering and, if needed, feeding my plants
- putting enough tea lights from the big bag that lives in a drawer in the spare room into one of the kitchen drawers for easy access (strangely satisfying)
- making soup for the week
- taking all the rubbish out, including the recycling

- going through stuff I bookmarked on the computer throughout the week
- recharging phone, iPod, camera batteries
- deleting text messages and e-mails

- steam facial and/or facial oil massage
- hair removal
- mani/pedi
-some sort of hair treatment
- a bath with Epsom salts/baking soda and essential oils (my favourites at the moment: rosemary for aching muscles, eucalyptus when I feel cold or sniffly, and always lavender)

I rarely do all of these things, and I don't have a list like the one above that I frantically go through. I don't usually do my grocery shopping at the weekend, as I prefer to go during the week, when it's less busy. One thing I would love to do, but somehow never manage, is to decide what to wear the following day before going to bed and lay the clothes out, so I don't waste time in the morning being indecisive. I suspect one reason I cannot seem to do this is that I don't know in advance what I will feel like in the morning. And I am a great believer in the power of colour and like to dress according to the chakras - red for grounding, blue for communication, etc., whatever I feel I need most that day.

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