Saturday, January 25, 2014

Warm glow among the greys

 Crows and pale pink light

 Horses in blankets

Artwork for festival brochure/poster on the theme of  Laugh | Nourish | Love

Since returning after Christmas I have only managed one walk in my neighbourhood. I have barely been at home, as it is the lead-up to the annual arts festival we organise. I was delighted to be asked to provide the artwork again this year. (In the photo the colours didn't come out properly, and for the posters and brochures our talented graphic designer gave it all an even warmer glow.)

The theme is a nice antidote to the grey skies and raging storms and short days. But it was exhilarating to go walking in the unpredictable weather, passing horses in blankets and startling a murder of crows, with the sky a thick sheet of clouds that occasionally tore open to reveal the light behind.

This morning I finally tackled the one plant trough that had no drainage holes, where the bulbs had been sitting waterlogged. Between a corkscrew and a pair of scissors (do not attempt this at home - I had no other tools) I managed to bore two holes. Now I can step outside my house without a nagging reminder of things left undone greeting me.

There is a new soap in the shower, the laundry is done, and a semblance of order emerging (let's not go into the corridors of my brain). I am looking forward to a weekend of calm and nourishment - papers,  brunches, cleansing salt scrubs (thank you, Elly!) and good company.


  1. That is some truly beautiful artwork Marina. Glad that a semblance of order is emerging. I need a semblance of order in my life too :)

    1. Thanks, Keith! I sorted through the cuttings I'd collected in a drawer the other day and felt so accomplished and calm afterwards, it's almost pathetic! x

  2. Marina, you are so talented! I love the artwork.
    Also, I love the feeling of finished business, it feels orderly and peaceful, I agree. Last week I had so many unfinished tasks in my to-do list that made me feel low, I decided to focus only on 2 of them and get them done before the weekend and hurray! tasks done, and 4 hours reading the Guardian on Saturday morning was in order :) Felling so much better now.

    1. Thank you, Angeliki! Glad you like it.
      Yes, it feels so good to tackle a to-do list, and even better to tick things off before the weekend comes around. My Saturday morning was the same as yours - love the Guardian! x