Tuesday, July 3, 2012


These days I have the time and the need to be back on the mat and spend more than five minutes on it. Since I often have trouble sitting upright properly - I can do it, of course, but it seems easier to slump - I have been working on strengthening my back, choosing poses where I can feel the muscles in my back are being challenged.

 I have been doing the Seated Forward Bend (or Paschimottanasana) a lot, and I can stretch further every day. It is one of those poses where I am aware of its benefit for the nervous system while I am doing it (another one is the Plough); it is so soothing.

Apart from yoga, I have been running a lot, doing push-ups, which are incredibly hard, crunches and burpees for general strength, and swimming, which is also great for the back, especially the backstroke.

After only a week or so of consciously focusing on it - although I had been exercising all along -, I notice a difference. I wouldn't say my back is my weak point, but working on the computer and drawing at my desk take their toll. And when my energy levels aren't great I certainly feel my back is weak, if not in pain. Now, when I walk, sit or run - at all times, really - I sense this previously unfamiliar strength in my spine. It makes it easier to move about. And it has an added bonus. I feel mentally and emotionally stronger, like things cannot crush me that easily - as though they will just bounce off my new armour!

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  1. One thing about somatic therapy: when we are physically active, it discharges a lot of negative energy that is stored in our body, at the unconscious level.

    What you have been doing has been fantastic for your soul, and emotions. Releasing negative energy and trauma, even though we many not be aware that we are doing so, makes us feel more alive and it empowers our body.

    For more about somatic therapy, you might want to peek online about the following book: "Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma" by Peter Levine

    I'm happy you're feeling better! Wishing you a great weekend!

    Please feel free to drop by my place. Lately, I've written about concluding a very difficult week and how I've handled it. I'd value your insights.