Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Subconscious connections

Today this scene in my bedroom...


...may have led to this sketch:

detail, work-in-progress

Oils are drying quite fast in this warmer weather. Overnight a thin layer dries enough to allow dry-brushing on top of it the following day.

The dog isn't mine, but a frequent visitor. We went for a walk that started out as a run, before it became clear that running with a tiny dog is not feasible. I am glad - even though I'd wanted to get sweaty and clear my head, this worked just as well; it forced me to slow down and -literally- stop and smell the roses (as well as other flowers). We also spent some time with the horses and donkeys.

And then this evening a dog appeared on my canvas. There are so many subconscious connections and associations involved in the process of creating. I didn't think of the link between the two dogs until I went through the photos I had taken.

I also realised that my breakfast of choice for the last few days seems to have informed the colours I am using: 

detail, work-in-progress

Granted, I use berry colours a lot, anyway, and naples yellow has been a favourite for months now. But this particular combination, including the pumpkin seed colour, is probably new.


  1. This is fascinating...I think you're right in saying that subconscious connections/associations have a profound effect on what we create.