Monday, June 11, 2012

Cotton crochet cuff

This year I don't want to have a summer break from knitting and crocheting. I want my beach bag to include needles, hooks and yarn. The combination of wool and heat doesn't seem appealing, though, so cotton, silk and bamboo will be my summer yarns.

I have made a few cotton cuffs/bracelets - they are a quick project, easily made in one go, and once you have figured out the size, you can play around with variations. Patterns including treble stitches (or anything with big enough gaps) mean you don't have to make buttonholes and can adjust the width - the example below can be made tighter for the wrist and wider for wearing further down (or up, depending which way you look at it - closer to the fingers).


I have used up all the small spare buttons I had, such as the ones that come with a garment, so I'll have to stock up - I love choosing buttons.