Thursday, June 16, 2011

The last two weeks...

...completely random:

-It took me quite a while to recover fully, so I only started running again two days ago; only then did I realise how much I had missed it. I also realised that I tend to look after myself more when I exercise - when I wasn't running I ate more stodgy foods, but now I am back to eating tons of salad. I feel like I've been under a truck (because of course I didn't do any stretching), but also much stronger. And of course I am much nicer to be around when I exercise regularly. There may have been days of tears and crankiness, to put it mildly, prior to my taking up running again.

-I made these raspberry cheesecake brownies -not in the healthy foods category, but very yummy - somebody said what I usually bake tends to be not sweet enough, as I always halve the sugar, but that somebody did seem to like these, even though here I also used far less sugar than stated (recipe to follow; I am compiling a list of recipes):

-I am now officially and visibly a local tour guide, which hopefully will give me some summer work, though probably not this year, as I am going to visit my family in Germany soon:

-And I've been working on this festival. This is the artwork for the poster and programme (before I added the title, etc.):

 My favourite bits are the non-humans in it, especially the dog:

-We also went on more day and half-day trips:

Strandhill, Co. Sligo

Now I need to catch up with all the things on my various ToDo-lists and with friends. It's been a busy summer so far...

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  1. hola como estas?
    despues de un poco mas de tres meses he regresado
    y he subido una nueva nota... te invito a visitarla..
    te dejo un fuerte abrazo!!!