Wednesday, June 1, 2011


accidental still life in beautiful colours on my draining rack

 I am still convalescing. I do go to work and shopping for groceries, but when I get home I collapse. I am sure I am well enough to do some painting and work on upcoming projects, but I have been shunning my little studio. Instead I am reading about half a book per day, am glued to a hot water bottle and go to bed at 8pm most days. I am drinking detox teas and eating extremely healthily 95 % of the time (or something). I did venture into town at the weekend, but I just walked the streets in a state of delirium -and easily overwhelmed by everything- until my body ached, then escaped to my house again. It's nice to have so much quiet time at home, and I have been ordered to rest, but I feel I am getting behind with everything and neglecting my friends, and I can't wait to go back to running.

Today I am not working, but I need to get the car ready for the NCT tomorrow and I am going to draw up a new To Do list, so I can pretend I am achieving something, even if it's just preparation-procastination.
One thing that's perfect for blah days is crochet; it is so soothing. In my quest for unusual yarns I recently bought this 100% linen yarn:

It feels strangely tough and a bit rigid at first, but once you get used to it, it is lovely to work with. I only bought one ball, as I wanted to try it out first and make small things like cuffs. The woman in the shop told me one of her customers is making a dress with it, and I can picture that perfectly. The colour is gorgeous, too.

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