Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chamomile and rose...

...and day trips to ruins and graveyards

In the last few days I have been a mixture of upset, angry, crying-my-eyes-out-hysterical and sleep-deprived (the latter due to nightmares and the worst storm I have ever witnessed here, the type that makes me regret temporarily that my house is on a hill and exposed to the elements). I am also battling another kidney infection, and my last bit of money for this month went towards doctor's bills and medicine.
At such times, one thing that never fails is the power of scents. I have been burning chamomile oil (which is quite different from what you'd expect; it is sweeter than the tea), and it instantly calms me down and dissipates angry feelings. And I have been drinking rose tea, which has the same effect, plus a lovely colour. It's hard to stay tense for long when inhaling such comforting scents.
I am also discovering how good it feels to regularly go away on day-trips or half-day trips. They are like mini-holidays. These things and the kindness of strangers (and of course that of friends and family) keep me relatively sane, and the long summer holidays are just around the corner.


  1. Oh my, this doesn't sound good; I hope things get better soon. Sometimes a lonely walk on a grey day can be wonderfully soothing, I find. Take care :-)

  2. Thanks so much, Catherine! I will do that! x