Thursday, October 15, 2009


I haven't been very active here... Thank you so much for visiting and for your comments; it means a lot to me.
I realise I keep posting older artwork here (the above is several years old), as I have been doing very little recently... Maybe I should change the bit in my profile about procrastination; it's getting a bit embarrassing, as my original plan doesn't seem to work out that well...

The days just fly by, and as I don't manage to stay up late (today is an exception...yes, 10.30pm is late for me...) there never seems to be enough time in the day.
The last few days I have been feeling a bit low as well, so that doesn't help. Yesterday something (somebody..) upset me, and unfortunately I let things affect me way too much.
As I tend to let the negative stuff dominate my thoughts in such phases, I am now trying very hard to focus on all the good things -because there are plenty of them, and I am aware that I have a good life and am very lucky and blessed.

Right now, I am grateful for

-last weekend, which I spent with my family

-good friends -today alone I talked to several of them in person, and one rang me at just the right time

-the beautiful weather yesterday -like summer! I could take off three layers of clothes (that's the way to dress in this part of the world) and soaked up the sun.

-feeling inspired in the art classes I am teaching

-a surprise present from a friend

-my lovely little place, where I actually feel at home (and where I can have hot baths -in the houses I lived in in the last few years that wasn't possible)

-having the opportunity, time and money to start my days with a swim (I am becoming addicted)

-aromatherapy (it works! I was doused in lavender oil on the flight home and was soooo relaxed). Currently loving a mix of cinnamon, orange and rosemary essential oils

-the beautiful book on self-portraits I got today

AND I am so grateful for all of you -you always brighten up my day!

Marina x


  1. Ahhh...this is a nice timely post for me, Marina as I will be flying 3,000 miles to Phoenix, AZ at the end of this month! What kind of aromatherapy did you buy/use/get and when did you put it on? I don't fly well but I'm not terrified just concerned over whether the pilot is happy today and thorough as well as the mechanic who checked the plane out etc. etc. Think I may need some heavy duty aromatherapy (and yet I have made two trans Atlantic flights!)

    Loved reading all you are grateful for as those things are what keep us focused and happy.

    Your painting gives me feelings of soothing waters and a thoughtful, somewhat melancholy

    blessings and hugs,


  2. Muy bonitas tus pinturas, he necesitado de un traductor para comprenderte, algunas palabras no las comprendia, crei que eras española. Somos recien nacidas en este mundo de los blogs.
    Marina si me lo permites me quedare por aqui a seguirte.
    Muchos besos.

    PS. El vestido negro me encanto!!!

  3. Hola Marina despues de leer tu comentario vengo a dejarte el enlace de la pagina de donde saque mi decoracion son gratis.

    Seguro que encuentras alli alguna decoracion maravillosa para tu blog.

    Saludos y besos.

  4. I think this might interest you. It takes some seconds to load:

    Me alegran todas esas cosas que te hacen un poco más feliz.

  5. Sorry to hear you've been low Marina. That's not a good place to be as I've been there many times. But it sounds as though you are looking after yourself. I wish I had the time to do that. I didn't quite make it into the sea this year...look after yourself and may you continue to draw strength from friends all around...
    God bless

  6. Marcy -thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I just used lavender pure essential oil (try and buy organic), which is one of the few oils you can use undiluted, so I just put it on my temples and the back and sides of my neck, and it worked wonders. Hope it helps you, too, on your journey! Look forward to hearing about your trip. Love, Marina xx

  7. Binomios -muchas gracias, y bienvenida! Me hace mucha ilusión que te gustan mis pinturas (y el vestido). Voy a escribir en espanol uno de estos días. Tu blog es muy bonito. Besos y abrazos.

    Homo Iberus -muchas gracias por eso! Voy a mirarlo. No soy muy capaz en cuanto a los ordenadores... Muchos besos.

    Dan -thanks for the link! I'm looking forward to that movie. x

    April - thank you so much; your comment means a lot to me. Sorry to hear you've been there many times yourself. It's important to be kind to yourself when it happens -something I only learnt very recently.
    I only go swimming in the sea once or twice a week; during the week I go to the pool in the morning.
    Love, Marina xx