Friday, January 27, 2012

House tour - the reading and crafting corner

Another photo-heavy post. Words feel elusive at the moment. There is so much spinning around in my head, but I cannot seem to put any sentences together this week (thankfully my classes were an exception).

I have been consuming words a lot instead. All my evenings and the weekend were spent reading with candles lit, dipping into books new and old, then crocheting while processing it all.

Even though we still haven't found somewhere to move into together, I am beginning to feel nostalgic about my current place, as if my time here were already over. It has made me go into documenting mode, taking pictures of every corner. So this may well be one of several house tour posts. I am extremely curious about how people live and known to look at everything -as long as it's on display; I don't open drawers and the like- when visiting somebody's house. Here are some of the things I want to remember about my own humble abode:


Piece of furniture that was here when I moved in and I painted antique white. It's where I put current crochet and knitting projects, magazines and books - all in view to make sure I go back to them.

Coffee table given to me by a friend that I painted antique white; couch dressed in second-hand bedsheet and lots of cushions; the bird ring was a Christmas present from a friend

White books and donkey - a gift from a friend who knew of my obsession

Re-reading this at the moment - one of the books that are always on my coffee table

Grey books & photograph cut out of a newspaper years ago that I was viscerally drawn to - the girl looks like the younger me (unfortunately I didn't write down who the photographer was)

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