Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bits and pieces

I started teaching again today, and it was good to see returning students and welcome new ones. A few days ago I felt a bit overwhelmed, but now that I am in the middle of a busy week, I am enjoying it all. The Alexander technique and meditation are definitely helping. I am also swimming and/or running most days, and I set myself a certain amount of time every evening to draw baby elephants and hippos (new illustration project) and then work on some crochet cuffs. It all combines to make me content with life right now.

 |  My bear wisdom for this week is this:

It may seem superficial, but what I wear does have an impact on how I feel, and I love wearing nice clothes. (Incidentally, the first illustration is one of my favourites - my dad once sent me a postcard of it when I was little)

|  I am planning things - maybe a trip to London very soon, where I want to see this exhibition:


|  Drinking gallons of green tea (from my favourite cup):


|  And curling up with this (beautiful inside and out):

...when I'm not reading The Light Years, which I am also enjoying a lot; it is so evocatively written.

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  1. It seems that you do all the right things to best take care of yourself and you gave me some ideas of including fun activities in my life.
    Thanks for the heads up about the exhibition. I'll definately find some time to go.
    Also the "Letters to a young poet" is such a nice book, I've read it many many years ago but I still remember it.