Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Country vs. city

 This is just about the busiest time of the year, as we are in the middle of organising a festival, and it has manifested itself in pain in the right side of my body. I got temporary relief from a massage (such a welcome gift), but working on a laptop for hours on end has taken its toll, and I need to do something about it. My friend gave me some Alexander Technique mp3s, and I am trying to do the exercises (just lying on your back with a few books under your head and your knees pointing at the ceiling and imagining your body expanding while listening to a soothing voice and nice background music) every evening.

We are looking out for a house, but have had no luck so far - I have a feeling there will be more on offer in the warmer months. Right now I keep moving between my house and Matt's apartment, and while this is clearly a first-world problem, now more than ever I am ready to move in with him and not have to constantly worry about whether I forgot to pack something for the next day if I stay at his.

I talk about simplifying my life, but things don't seem that simple when I am forever lugging my clothes, gym bag, laptop, reading material, artwork I am working on, bags of spinach (I often bring food from my fridge that would go off otherwise) and other "essentials" from one place to the other and back. There are always at least three bags in my car. Maybe I'm not that minimalist after all.

He lives closer to work and town, and it makes for a welcome change to only be five minutes away from everything, but my heart still belongs to the country. I like coming back to my house at the end of the day and looking out on the sea. There is so much space around me; I feel like I am back in my sanctuary, breathing cleaner air and able to see the stars. He is more of a city person, so we will have to compromise if we are to finally move in together.*

Photo is of my country bathroom window.

*Galway is a very small city, admittedly.

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