Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Friends' gardens and all the 'new'

Pink wall and a suited guest

Flower arrangement and willow wolfhound, both by James

Gardens have become a big theme, the backdrop to my summer, both as existing gardens and in daydreams for a future one. Large chunks of the last two weekends were spent in friends' gardens, and what marvellous gardens they are, full of surprises and quirks. Not pictured is garden number 3, where we were all treated to a one-person-at-a-time tour of all the plants (and the tadpoles) by Rab's two sons. And once again I am reminded why I want to add botanical illustrations to my subject matter, together with the interiors and houses that have crept into my work recently.

Summer used to be the time when everything calmed down and there was a sleepy quality to my days, but this year has got to be my busiest summer yet. The freelance side of my work is growing, and I am still figuring out how to live life as a part-time employee and part-time self-employed. The weekdays/weekend divide ceased to exist for me a long time ago, and now it is the same with the 'work seasons'. It is very freeing and has taught me to value every day equally, and of course it helps that I love all my work.

Having said that, I will have a break from teaching, and I am looking forward to that, as much as I enjoy it. Today was the last Wednesday lunchtime class until October, and I will miss that group, and all the others.  But teaching requires a lot of energy, and it will be good to conserve and pour that energy into everything that is coming up in the next few weeks and months, a whole lot of 'new' - an exhibition, two books, a move (more on that later), new online ventures, a new nephew...

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