Friday, August 29, 2014

A little preview: Jumbo Discovers Giraffeland

I am excited to announce that the second story in the Jumbo trilogy will be out soon!

The Jumbo stories were written by Lionel Gallagher and illustrated by me. The beautiful design and layout are by the very talented artist and graphic designer Conor Gallagher. For this book he chose burnt orange for the giraffes (each group of animals has its own colour). It is a tale of belonging and friendship and adventure. As you can see, Jumbo not only discovers Giraffeland, but also encounters some zebras along the way. I enjoyed drawing the patterns on the giraffes and the zebras' stripes - a bit like working on a mandala, trance-inducing.

Book One - Jumbo Wants to be a Hippo | Book launch for Jumbo Wants to be a Hippo

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