Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A little preview: Jumbo illustrations

I took an unintended break from blogging, as my mom and I went to the States for two weeks to visit a friend, and Blogger wouldn't let me log in from over there because I was signing in from an "unusual location". I appreciate their efforts to keep my account secure, but the step I had to take to prove I was me involved getting a code sent to my phone, which, being of the old-fashioned kind, wasn't working either (nor was my work e-mail). I decided it was a good idea to be disconnected.

We got back today, and despite getting no sleep on the plane, I am buzzing. This summer is turning out to be a busy one, four countries within a month. I have so many plans for the next few days/weeks/months, I don't know where to start (travelling, even just the being-in-motion element of it, always does that for me: new perspectives, enthusiasm, ideas).

In the meantime, here are four illustrations I did for a children's story written by Lionel Gallagher (I have shared snippets before). This book is in the process of being printed and is the first in a trilogy about a baby (later teenage) elephant's adventures.

These are photos of the original pencil sketches. For the book, our graphic designer Conor Gallagher had the idea to colour-code the animals with subtle washes, which worked out beautifully.

from Jumbo Wants to be a Hippo


  1. Adorable illustrations. ♥ Sounds like you're having an exciting summer. I'm happy for you!

    1. Thanks so much, Holly! Glad you like the illustrations. Hope your summer is also going well xx