Saturday, February 16, 2013

Black and white

It's not mine, unfortunately, but it is living with me for a while. I don't feel it as a burning hole, that I desperately need something that is missing, but a cat and a piano would make my home complete, and I have been close to getting both before chickening out when it came to making a decision due to financial and logistic reasons, respectively. This is one step in the direction of piano-ownership, and I might try fostering kittens before committing fully. 

The Piano is one of my favourite films, and the soundtrack has taken up residency in my brain and heart. 

Yesterday I submitted the last few images of a series of black-and-white illustrations and I am now looking forward to revisiting some unfinished projects that need to go out into the world soon.  


  1. I love the piano. The piano, to me, is the most beautiful and romantic of instruments. I would love to learn to play better. P.S. have you joined Twitter yet? You would enjoy the minimalism.

  2. The Piano is an incredible film. How did I miss this post? I’m going to look up the soundtrack now. It’s been a while… Hope all is very well with you. ♥♥