Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday morning, ten degrees Celsius...

...but my sister and I are fearless.
I almost chickened out, but we braved the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and it didn't feel much different from June.

One trick a friend told me is to always bring a large bottle of warm water to pour over your feet when you get into your car after your swim (with your feet outside the car, obviously), to rinse off the sand and to thaw what will have turned into clumps of ice. My sister decided to wear tights today, which meant I had the entire bottle to myself. It is up there with the best spa treatments. It also means you will be able to feel what you are doing with the clutch - when I stay in the water too long, I find driving my car afterwards quite difficult.

This was hopefully the first of many autumn swims. When my sister and brother-in-law move here (when?!) they will be living near a lake, so we are going to incorporate that into our swimming life.

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