Friday, June 15, 2012

These days

detail - work in progress

Painting: I am painting -and drawing- and feeling happy. Reading about Lucian Freud has been both liberating (he was painting when it was extremely unfashionable and didn't care; he always did his own thing) and intimidating (he could be quite critical and damning of other artists' work). I can only paint freely when I don't think about who will see the result and how it will be judged. I need to do it for myself. 

Then, of course, occasionally I exhibit my work (and I show it online all the time), and that makes it and me vulnerable and exposed. But I am just so content that I am creating again and on a regular basis that this feeling of joy is above everything else.

Learning: I was working on this programme, and this year there were barely any hiccups. Since my only training in graphic design so far has been a one-day course for Adobe Illustrator (a programme I don't have yet), it can be challenging (for me and for the printers, who have to deal with what I give them), but I am learning a lot (though my favourite parts remain the handmade ones - I enjoyed creating the artwork).

Wearing: Reason number 764 why my sister should open an etsy shop.(This is so beautiful, Anke!) I don't have a photo of the back, but you tie the choker with a ribbon, and it has tiny beads where the ribbon is attached to the lace. I will wear this a lot.

The view from my bed in the evening

Reading: After working on the computer a lot recently, which resulted in an aching body and dry eyes, I am now keeping my evenings computer-free. Since I only have a small not-very-soft couch, I set up a reading/tea-drinking/notebook-and-sketchbook island on my bed and sit there with the last bits of daylight, and it is lovely. I am reading Marion Milner and am getting so much out of her books (am working on a post about her).

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