Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random London moments

Very random. Most of these were taken by Matt - I am not good at taking pictures when out and about. I did take a disproportionate amount of pictures of flowers, which Matt informed me was a misplaced focus when in a big city (I may have stood with my back to St.Paul's for a bit too long photographing tulips). We took quite a few pictures of our feet.

|  In and on London (basement floor in Stanford's travel bookshop). My clothes were impractical on many levels (I was not prepared for single digit temperatures), but I managed to walk comfortably in heels for an entire day.

|  We were too early for the Ballgowns exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the fashion room was closed for preparations for said exhibition, but we got to see this (as well as the tiny waistcoat of a dwarf performer from the 19th century that made me cry a bit).

|  I was in art materials heaven in the biggest art supplies shop I have ever visited, but because I had travelled only with hand luggage, I limited myself to a few coloured pencils to add to my Faber-Castell Polychromos collection (they had all the colours). I buy them individually - I know a whole set might work out cheaper, but it is more fun to grow it slowly, and I remember which ones I bought where. I took a long time to decide which colours to choose this time.

 |  Bell print in the Old Bell pub in Fleet Street, which housed Christopher Wren's stonemasons.

|  I think this photo Matt took of the Great Court in the British Museum looks a bit like a Lowry painting (the feet!). My favourite part is the kid on the floor at the bottom of the stairs with his leg in the air.

|  In the museum: Matt loves models of forts and other structures. I particularly loved the tiny animals and people in this one. But I spent more time with the mummies and skeletons, morbid person that I am.

|  Speaking of skeletons, I was endlessly fascinated by Jeremy Bentham's Auto-icon in UCL (the real, badly mummified head has been replaced by a wax version, but the skeleton is still in these clothes).

|  Pigeons in line in a small park in Bloomsbury. 

|  Feet again. There were also lots of bluebells in that park. I learnt about British, Spanish and hybrid bluebells. Britain's plant enthusiasts are worried about its native bluebell, as it cross-breeds with the Spanish and the resulting hybrid bluebell.

 |  Behind Westminster Abbey.


  1. Great photos! I especially loves the museum photographs.

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    They still have Bentham's mummified head kept in a box, tucked away somewhere, safeguarded. It was subject to ongoing pranks by students.

    What is it about feet/shoes that intrigues you, and what did you like best about your trip?

    It was good seeing you at the Gratitude Inn.

    Have a terrific Wednesday!

    1. Yes, students played football with his head, I think... There are images of his head online.

      I don't have a foot fetish! But I like how after a while shoes become unmistakably the shoes of their owner, and feet can be a part of somebody's personality or have their own personality! I find Lowry's painted feet both sweet and moving.

      The Lucian Freud exhibition was definitely a highlight, and we saw the 24,772nd performance of The Mousetrap!

      Thanks for dropping by!