Monday, May 21, 2012


Posting about work in time for the weekend is a sign that my weekdays and weekends have become indistinguishable, but I am still enjoying it for the most part. And I am trying to look after myself, following some extreme tiredness and high anxiety.

I am learning a lot more about and am experimenting with green smoothies, thanks to a great book I was given for my birthday. Apparently, there are no limits; anything green goes, leaves from certain trees, herbs I have never heard of, the possibilities are endless. I still can't say for certain why I haven't been getting sick as much this year, and it is probably due to a variety of reasons, but I believe drinking green smoothies is definitely one factor.

The right side of my body is a mess from too much work on the computer with nothing at the height it should be - I keep feeling stabbing pains in my fingers and shoulder. I have also had general aches and pains for the last two weeks. So yesterday I went for a long run and I have been doing sit-ups to replace the pains (or overlay them?) with the preferable variety of post-exercise soreness. And some yoga to sort out the computer-induced tangle I'd got my body in. It may not always be a good idea to exercise when you feel achy, but I felt it was what I needed. And so far it seems to work.

Now I am listening to "Un bel dì vedremo" from Madame Butterfly (thanks to another present), with cypress, lemongrass and clary sage in my oil burner, and a long light evening ahead of me. I have been sleeping ten to eleven hours a night for a few nights in a row and waking feeling either heavy and disoriented, in a nice way, or sore and weak, so now I am trying to stretch the evenings out a bit, which is easy when it is still bright at ten o'clock. It is noticeably warmer outside, and I am looking forward to sleeping with my window open.

Today I went at a slower pace but still got to tick off a few things on my to do list, which currently resembles a book. I went to see a lunchtime film, Venus, which was very good (if you are in Galway, this film festival celebrating ageing is on all week, and all the films are free) - I love watching films during the day; it feels so decadent.

still collecting views

birthday flowers (I always keep flowers until the very end; their fading is such a beautiful process)

 working on a poster


  1. I have been thinking of trying green of my coworkers swears by them. Also, the storm picture is amazing!

  2. I was going to comment - every once on a while I feel obliged to contribute, instead of just absorbing, as stated before - but then, what I wanted to say was already said.
    Only that I don't have any co-worker swearing by green smoothies; I have pretty much never heard a thing about them, but they do sound interesting. I know there is already way too many food-blogs on the web, but I was wondering; would you share a recipe or two of your "favorites" or something?

  3. Thank you for your comments. Recipe to follow!