Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some good memories of 2011

Although my camera lives in my bag, I am not very good at actually remembering to take pictures, especially when I am out in the world and with people, but here are some moments from this year that were captured and that (I think) I haven't posted before.

Swimming naked here:

Lots of walks and runs in my neighbourhood:


Birthday picnic interrupted by showers and transferred to the car:

Private concerts:

Two weddings -

my little sister's:


and a dear friend's:

Climbing mountains (still smiling at the bottom):

Putting on our children's show with my favourite storyteller:

Spending quite a bit of time on boats:

just the two of us for a spontaneous weekend trip,

for island visits with my older sister + husband,

and with the honeymooners:

The kindness of people in the college, manifest in our office:

I lost my fear of public speaking this year (at least the utter sense of panic), was healthier than ever, ended a pattern of destructive relationships and drama and committed fully to my current relationship (and have been very lucky that he was so patient and forgiving), started seeing a counsellor again, stopped caring so much what others think, decluttered and organised the hell out of my entire life (slightly exaggerating), indulged my obsession with silk, joined the pool again, discovered green smoothies, grew my collection of essential oils, spent more time with my family,  and painted and crafted not as much as I would have liked, but enough to feel I am back in the creative zone.

These are some of the good things from this year, from my own personal bubble. There were lows and losses, too, but they shall remain private for the most part. Certain things still hurt, and I am still learning from some of them. These last days of the year are for reflection, and I haven't even begun to order my thoughts. 

I had plans and intentions for this year - some materialised, others didn't, but I won't beat myself up; I make them to guide me, not to dominate me. More on that soon.


  1. It sounds like you had a lot of good moments in 2011 - may there be many more in 2012!!

  2. Lovely pictures! Hope you have a Happy New Year for 2012!!

    Ines xxx

  3. Thanks for replying! Sometimes I give up on blogger as no one seems to message, but at least you do! :) Nice to know the audience! You're pictures make me think I should put more personal ones up...maybe I will next time, I guess you never know how many people will see the blog! Until next time...
    Ines xxxx