Friday, March 18, 2011


Only a few days ago I was very upset about something, and here I am, feeling good and having grown a layer of thicker skin (which has always been on my life's to-do list; long way to go, but mini steps are better than nothing). The lovely weather we have had for a couple of days helps, and maybe the detox did, too.
I am now looking forward to some time off -even though I will be working on a commission- and to DIYing and road trips and cooking new dishes and meditation and running.

I will have to live frugally for the remainder of the month, as there have been some major expenses. I have noticed that when I stay away from the shops I do not even wish to buy anything, so this is easy enough. In the past few months I have decluttered my wardrobe, and while I love clothes, I do not like too-much-stuff, so I am aiming for something between a small wardrobe that works well, i.e. has lots of potential in terms of combining pieces, and a policy of only buying something if something else can go (once I have more closet space, all this may change). I am managing quite well on a small budget, and I am grateful that I can survive despite the fact that I only work part-time and my rent is high (a price I am more than willing to pay for the luxury of living alone).

Whenever I can, I try to buy good quality (you don't need to be rich to do that -good quality tends to last longer and be more ethical, and I think it makes more sense to buy less, but more expensive, instead of lots of cheap stuff). So. I finally bought two silk pillowcases that had been on my wish list for ages:

 The benefits of sleeping on silk rather than cotton or other materials are numerous, including anti-ageing effects and less frizzy hair. These two reasons alone did it for me. And it feels good. I adore silk and actually enjoy caring for my more delicate silk clothes and lingerie (handwash, etc. The pillowcases can be machine-washed. They are very difficult to iron, though). No regrets.

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