Saturday, March 26, 2011

The beach

Spontaneous beach visit yesterday between going to the post office and grocery shopping:

Because it was spontaneous, I did not wear beach-appropriate clothes (couldn't even roll up my pants to wade in the water, as they are unrollupable):

(which reminds me: I always mean to put together a bag of stuff that will live in the car and enable me to do things spontaneously, to include a towel, a bikini, a hairbrush and moisturiser (for swimming in the sea), an overnight bag (for when I don't go home), shoes I can walk in (for all those occasions when I find myself wanting to go for a walk but am wearing heels), wellies (same, but on a very wet day in a field), and snacks. Must do that)

 That's a father and child at the edge of the water. 

It was so peaceful. Days like that remind me that I am very lucky not to be working full-time.

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  1. Me gusta la idea de tener todo preparado para esas cosas espontáneas.


    A ver cuando hablas algún día algo de mi.