Saturday, February 26, 2011


I never thought I'd be able to make German cheesecake here in Ireland, because the main ingredient -quark- was never available here. But this has changed:
Nunca había hecho esta tarta alemana en Irlanda, ya que no se podía comprar quark -un queso blanco fresco- aquí. Pero esto ha cambiado:

This being rip-off Ireland and the quark imported from Bavaria, a 250g tub is almost 3 euro (if I remember correctly, in Germany you can get 500g for less than a euro), so making a cheesecake that requires a kilo of the stuff is a luxury. Since I had only bought one tub -before I searched for a recipe-, I made a small cake.
What's great about this recipe is that it doesn't involve any pudding/custard powder stuff, like so many of the newer cheesecake recipes.
 Ya que todo es muy caro aquí y el quark importado desde Bavaria, cuesta casi tres euros para 250g (en Alemania es menos de un euro para 500g), así que hacer la tarta (con un kilo de quark) es un lujo. Sólo había comprado una tarrina, así que hice una tarta pequeña.

Quark cake (slightly adapted from here -I used less sugar):
-250g flour
-1/2 tsp baking powder
-1 egg
-120g butter
-70g sugar
-pinch of salt
Combine the above ingredients in a bowl and mix by hand, kneading into a smooth dough. Roll out and spread in a round baking tin, pulling up the edges for the crust.

For the filling:
-1kg quark
-90g flour
-170g sugar (more if you like it sweeter -the original says 250g)
-4 large eggs
 -1/8 l milk
120g melted butter

Separate the eggs. Mix the quark, flour, sugar, yolks, milk and butter. Whisk the egg whites until peaks form and fold into the mixture. Pour onto the cake base in the baking tin.
Bake at 160 degrees Celsius for about an hour.

 I used a loaf tin, as I made a tiny cake

If I make it again, I will use spelt flour (wholegrain for the base) and maybe honey instead of sugar. For this one, I used brown sugar. I have only tried a tiny bit (waiting for my friend); it's yummy.
Para los españoles, disculpad que no he traducido la receta -si la queréis, avisadme!

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  1. You owe me a piece of cake.
    I want it NOW!!!!
    Me hungry!!

    Es schmeckt gut!!

    En España se puede conseguir quark. Pero no te puedo asegurar que el precio sea tan bajo.