Saturday, May 14, 2016

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The last time I was at the hairdresser's (I only go once in a blue moon, a factor that may have contributed to the sad state of my hair) I was persuaded to buy the Wella salon-only products they sell, and I was happy with the shampoo, which lasted so long it was well worth the price. The conditioner and the keratin hair mask went some way to tame my frizzy hair, but unfortunately they also made my skin break out along the hairline and on my neck. Most hair products that are not shampoo seem to do that to my skin, although I suspect hormones play a role, too.

I always turn my pillow around after a night or two and use the other pillow after that, do the same with that one and then change the bedclothes, because what ends up on the pillowcase (oils from our skin and hair, plus any products that have been applied) is a well-known cause for breakouts. I also wear my hair up a lot of the time. But it still got worse, so after I used up the conditioner I decided that was the end of that, and I only use the mask before an event (at which I inevitably will wear my hair down, to cover the resulting spots, which then exacerbates it).

A few years ago I experimented with the baking soda and vinegar method, but gave up eventually, as my hair didn't look that great. I also used all-natural shampoo for a good while, but went back to the big brands again for some reason (ok, because I felt my hair looked better).

Recently I began to reconsider and decided to go back to natural products. The shop down the road stocks Green Angel, and John gave me the shampoo and conditioner as part of my birthday present. It's too early to say whether this conditioner doesn't cause breakouts, but so far, so clear, and my hair feels better (lighter, in a good way) even after only two uses. It also smells amazing. Lavender and neroli are two of my favourite scents, and using these in the shower is like being in a spa.

Another 'green' product I have started using is this Green People facial sun cream. Apparently it's the same stuff that's in the body version, just in a smaller bottle, so next time I will buy the latter. Sun screen can be very chalky, but this one goes on quite nicely and moisturises and doesn't cause spots. I like the company's philosophy, and 10% of their net profit goes to charities.

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