Sunday, January 31, 2016

Out of my comfort zone

January has been so full and chaotic I am unable to form any coherent thoughts and sentences, but these are two things I came across that struck a chord and are in some way part of my intentions for 2016 (the year is still so fresh, one can hope!):

|  The above questions in the Q&A with Hannah Kent, the author of Burial Rites, are questions I struggle with, too. In my 32 years I have spent way too much time and energy caring about what people think of me and based on what and why, and it is something I really want to do a lot less of and accept that my own thoughts and actions are the only thing I have any control over. Hanging out with people who are older and wiser is incredibly helpful in this regard. 

|  In a recent post Gretchen Rubin talked about being in an "atmosphere of growth", and it resonates, as this year I will be doing several things so far outside my comfort zone, my hands get clammy when I think about them. Of course I have no way of knowing whether I will feel great afterwards (it could all be a complete disaster), but I do know that the discomfort I feel when weighing up whether or not to say yes to something is one thing I need to say yes to more often, too.

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