Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trust and change

Yogi tea reminder

French and leaf

1. Having had my ability to trust other people badly challenged, I am focusing on trusting Life, the universe, the grand design (and I keep receiving little nudges and reminders - thank you, teabag). 

2. This spontaneous still life has taken on a lot of meaning: it is the juxtaposition of summer and autumn and the transition from one into the other (Change is the only constant, etc.), a souvenir of a gift, a memory of a nice weekend, complementary colours, the beauty of the imperfect and bruised - and hopefully it will serve as a visual impetus to retrieve my French (I am planning to buy a French magazine and then move on to the French books I have, some unread).


  1. Hi Marina,

    I've just caught up on a few of your posts and I sense that positivity is returning to your world. I'm glad that you are painting again!

    I love Yogi teas; my favourite tea 'message' that I've found so far is 'vertraue der Weisheit des Herzens' (tea was sent by a friend in Germany) and it came at just the right moment, too :-)


    1. Oh that's beautiful! Thank you - yes, things are getting better, I think. xxx