Monday, March 12, 2012

Drawing, baking, reading

I keep using three-word headings for my posts... The solitary parts of my weekend consisted mostly of these three.

 Drawing (works-in-progress):

I am drawing a lot of animals. The above are illustrations for a story about a baby elephant. I am also playing around with the photos I took on our walk last weekend and other kids-and-animals pictures. Working on these is so therapeutic - I don't worry about the result, the subjects make me happy, and I am in the flow.

banana bread (always halving the sugar):


Baking has become an integral part of my weekends - it is so relaxing. While I love my blender and the chopping thing that came with it, I don't feel the need for a stand mixer. I use a wooden spoon and an egg whisk for making cakes. Egg whites and hard pieces of butter can be exhausting, but I love the process.

At this stage I must have close to a hundred books I haven't read yet, and I keep buying new ones. I am also currently reading five books. Part of me would like to be able to read one book at a time (it sounds more mindful), but I seem to be unable to do that. It's not that each book isn't absorbing enough; I just like to have several on the go, and often they tend to be different genres (I rarely read two novels at the same time; that could get confusing). 

I am excited about these two books. Milner was an author, psychoanalyst, educationalist and artist. I had given On Not Being Able to Paint to a friend as a present and had been meaning to get my own copy. The title is self-explanatory: it's about creativity and what prevents creating and is illustrated with Milner's sketches. When I looked it up, I decided to get one of her other books as well, about her seven-year journey of finding out what she really wanted from life and what made her happy. So far I have only read a little bit in each, but I have a feeling they will be important for me and will post more on them soon.

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