Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Revisiting West Cork

It's been quiet around here because my brain is still fried (cause unknown).
I've been back in Ireland for a few days now, but today is my first day at home, as we crashed my sister and her husband's honeymoon (part one) in Bantry. West Cork is where we went on holiday with our family a few times when we were teenagers, and the last time we had been was ten years ago, which is hard to believe. I am feeling very nostalgic now, and it was difficult to say goodbye to the honeymooners there, much more so than usually (and it is always difficult).

These pictures are all from sunny Day Two on Garinish Island, except the first one, which is in Glengarriff and was taken on rainy Day One.

Apparently it was wet and cold here the last month, more or less the same as in Germany, so it's nice to get some sun now. I woke to blue skies this morning and went for a lovely run, on which I was welcomed back by my two gorgeous canine friends who always stop me when I run past their house to lick my face and leave paw prints on my clothes. This helped to settle back in again.

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