Friday, May 27, 2011

Time out

"It isn't normal to know what we want. It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement." Abraham Maslow

Since once again my body is telling me in no uncertain terms that I need to rest and change some areas in my life, I am taking the entire weekend off and will only go near my To Do list if I actually feel like it. I will try to think about stuff I have conveniently pushed aside for too long. I have been advised to take a long break and protect myself from bad energies and deal with what seems to be the emotion behind my health problems - fear. And I have to learn to say no. I am finding that difficult for various reasons, but one is that I feel I also need to step out of my comfort zone more and say yes to things I might not want to commit to, but which ultimately will bring positive results. It's hard to know which situations/requests/offers to say yes to and which ones need a no.
I wish I could follow my intuition, but it has been in hiding; I can't hear that voice under all the layers of shoulds and doubts and wanting to please others and politeness.

Picture: tea break at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel - trying to be a lady, but look at how I am holding that cup!


  1. Qué bello es leerte antes de comenzar el día, miras con otra mirada el mundo. Un gran abrazo

    Tu amigo El Drac

    Bloggers no me deja comentar con mi dirección (a veces ni como anónimo)

  2. Gracias, El Drac, tus palabras me hacen mucha ilusión! No sé qué pasa con Blogger, yo también he tenido problemas con ello. Clearing cookies ayudó, aunque no sé nada sobre estas cosas! Un beso